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Oil Change in Lodi, Poynette, Merrimac, and Dane

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Oil Change Lodi | Dane | PoynetteAn oil change isn’t just a oil change. Your putting your faith in your car to get you where you need to go why trust your car or truck with just anybody? If your looking for a place to perform a oil change in Lodi, Poynette, Merrimac, or Dane why trust your car to just ¬†anyone. Take your car to the professionals at Ness Auto Sales and Service where you’ll have a trained technician perform a oil change on your car. Taking your car to a “quick lube” or even most franchised dealers will result in an apprentice with little to no experience performing maintenance on your car or truck. You may not think twice on this until something goes drastically wrong. Having your oil changed is one thing…but wouldn’t you feel better if a trained technician was performing that oil change? Someone with years of experience that knows the ins and outs of your car? While performing an oil change at Ness Auto Sales and Service we’ll also:

  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Check your tires for abnormal wear
  • Inspect your belts and hoses.
  • Inspect your lights.
  • Check ALL the fluids.
  • Inspect you suspension
  • Check your lights.
  • and so much more!!!

Yes it’s true…there really is more to having your oil changed than dropping the oil and filter. Seeing the problems coming down the road and informing you ahead of time is a big part of our job. Stop in today for a oil change and see why our customers in Lodi, Poynette, Merrimac, and Dane trust us with all their automotive service needs.