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If you have a fleet vehicle that’s manages by ARI Fleet services, Enterprise Fleet Management, Donleen, Emkay, or Fleetio Fleet services we’re equipped to perform the repair and maintenance on your vehicle in a fast and affordable timeframe. With our relationship with ARI Fleet services we can get approvals quickly to get you turned around and back on the road fast.

Fleet Service Lodi, Poynette, De Forest, Dane and Merrimac

At Ness Auto Sales and Service we’ve provided fleet repair and maintenance for as long as we can remember. With several trained technicians on hand to take care of your vehicle you can rest assured that your vehicle is being maintained by a technician that knows what he’s doing. Repairs done right the first time ensures you have less downtime and your able to concentrate on taking care of your customers.

Page Summary: Ness Auto Sales and Service offers preventative maintenance, fleet services, scheduled maintenance and fleetcare. Services such as fleet maintenance, fleet service, fleet mechanic as well as fleet repair are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in fleet maintenance services, commercial fleet services in Poynette, Portage, Waunakee as well as Lodi. Other areas we serve include Sauk City, Baraboo, Dane and De Forest. We also service Prairie Du Sac, Middleton and beyond.